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We expand European presence with two new offices in Italy

By Elena Galletti, Director Marketing and Key Account Management, Brandstock

Brandstock is proud to announce the expansion of its business in Europe with the opening of two new offices in Italy. One is located in Treviso, an affluent city in Veneto in northern Italy with a high density of companies and businesses, including Fashion, Mechanical Engineering, Food Industry, Wine and Footwear. The second office is in Verona, the second-largest city in the north of Italy, also home to many important industries and the center of rail and road connections from northern Italy to central Europe via the Brenner Pass.

The two Italian offices will be supported by the Brandstock international team and the Italian lawyer Alessia Parassina, who has extensive experience and knowledge of Italian law, management of trademark portfolios, competition and copyright law, and will be responsible for the coordination of the activities of the two new Italian offices. The Italian branches will offer the full range of Brandstock services, representing a one-stop shop for Italian clients.

Brandstock is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing providers of Intellectual Property services, with offices in five countries: Germany (headquarters), USA, France, Italy and Switzerland. The introduction of the two new Italian offices supports Brandstock’s plan to strengthen the firm’s global reach and be more accessible to its new clients and markets.

It will allow Brandstock to be closer to its’ rapidly growing Italian client base, and to offer a more dedicated service focusing on specific Italian issues.

In November 2015 the first Italian office, located in Treviso, opened its doors. The Verona office opened in December 2015.



Treviso office

Via Jacopo Sansovino 2

31044 Montebelluna (Treviso)


Tel: +39 349 55 12 517


Verona office

Via XXIV Maggio 31

37126 Verona


Tel: +39 349 55 125 17