Brandstock and WIPR together for WIPR Market Survey on Trademark Services

We are pleased to announce the collaboration with WIPR for the publication of the WIPR Market Survey on Trademark Services: 57 questions to industry experts to inform WIPR’s upcoming market intelligence report. The data generated by this process will be published in a special WIPR market intelligence report, which will be available in digital format for all users (and an advance copy of the report will be available to all participants).

In addition, once you have completed the survey, WIPR is offering you the option to sign up to WIPR Data panel: in this way, you will be eligible for discounts at WIPR & LSIPR events throughout the year (such as Technology Patent Network North America Spring on March, 12th and Life Sciences Patent Network North America Spring on May, 13th & 14th).

So, what are you waiting for? Take part in the survey: in only a few minutes and in full respect of your privacy, you will help us gather quantitative and qualitative data on trademark services, and establish outsourcing trends, supplier preferences, and the tools that trademark owners and their attorneys use to manage their portfolios.

Join the survey