Creative professionalism.

We know we need to be more capable, more responsive and more creative than others if we are to win and retain clients.

We strive to set ourselves apart through the relentless pursuit of excellence and the highest standards of professionalism. Our success has been built on the commitment, expertise and enthusiasm of our staff across all disciplines.

The central values of the Brandstock group are tolerance, respect and appreciation; regardless of position, age, sex, nationality or culture. These values are omnipresent in our daily work and are essential to our shared success. The diversity of our workforce is of great importance to our corporate culture as well as to the success of our organisation. We and our clients benefit from the varied talents, experiences and perspectives of our staff community.

Alessia Parassina

Managing Director

Thomas Golda

Lawyer & Director IP Searches

Anna Popova-Pölzleitner

Director IP Recordals

Laura Morris

Director IP Renewals

Thomas König

Director HR