Brandstock is entering the world of social responsibility with Questel

Brandstock has become part of Questel Group. As many of you might know, Questel is an international Intellectual Property solutions provider with more than 5.000.000 users all around the globe. From now on, we are glad to be part of this great family.

Brandstock won’t disappear, though! We will keep on working on our services in a quest to improve what we offer our customers day after day.


Aside from being the perfect partner for your IP full lifecycle management, thanks to our cooperation with Questel Group, Brandstock is getting more involved in the world of social responsibility. Some of the projects we are currently participating:


  • The Brands For Good 2019 in Singapore;
  • The revival of traditional sources of water in Kumaon Hills in the Himalaya;
  • The 23rd edition of «Rêves de Gosse» (“Children’s Dream”) Air Tour;
  • The access to drinking water for children in Morocco.

Are you willing to know more about Questel and our CSR projects? Visit Questel’s website by clicking here.