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Seeing things differently

By Elena Galletti, Director Marketing & Key Account Management

We are delighted to announce that we have been joined by Alessia Lorenzini who has come to us from Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company.

Alessia has been tasked with developing an enhanced trademark watching service, designed in collaboration with a task force made up of more than 20 clients who have expressed a keen interest in shaping the new service.

She has a law degree from the University of Lausanne and a Masters in Life Sciences Law from the University of Geneva. Her native language is French and she also has excellent English and Italian.

Alessia joined Nestlé in 2011 from Securitas and worked for 2 years as Legal Counsel, Global Counterfeit Management, dealing with enforcement and anti-counterfeiting issues throughout the world. She then moved to the main legal department as Legal Counsel IP where she had broad responsibility for monitoring and defending the Nestlé trademark portfolio as well as advising on filing, renewal and protection strategy.

During her time with Nestlé, Alessia also developed, in collaboration with colleagues, an innovative approach to clearance of new names. This work brought her into contact with Brandstock who worked closely with her to refine what has become the Brandstock service known as Deep Screening. The background story to this new service and its role in Nestlé is explained in an article which you can read here.


If you have an interest in the evolution of watching as a service from the perspective of the needs of in-house IP functions, or if you would like to talk to Alessia about Deep Screening or any other topic she can be reached by sending an email to