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Customers must come first: that’s a fact. In order to satisfy all the clients’ needs, we guarantee maximum flexibility in all our services to increase your brand’s value and making your portfolio cost-effective. E.g. our clientele will be able to choose whether to work with their preferred providers or with ours. We offer a team of reliable experts, transparent and proper costs, and fully customizable sets of services.

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Why do companies choose to outsource work? During a time when a distributed workforce is becoming more commonplace, many companies are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing. Here are a few reasons why they are outsourcing work to...
Back to the future: Brandstock’s implementation of AI in trademark renewal services Artificial intelligence is a popular topic at the moment. From Elon Musk warning of the dangers of robots to the first computer able to beat a champion at board game Go, it’s clear that things are...
Fair Trade Principles in the IP World The fair trade philosophy is more often associated with chocolate or coffee than intellectual property, but fair trade principles have applications for intellectual property professionals too.
How to Register a Trademark: What to Do and What Not to Do When Getting Started When you have a new brand, product, or even an existing business, it’s of the utmost importance that you learn how to protect it. It’s not something you can afford to leave to chance or the...
The 4 Elements of a Cost-Effective Legal Department Controlling costs in a corporate legal department can seem increasingly challenging, especially within a growing business. While it is necessary to adequately protect and maintain the legal rights...


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We harness innovative IT and specialist professional expertise to deliver increased efficiency and cost savings for our clients and for yours too! Relying on Brandstock for IP portfolio management means reducing all legal risks for your customers, getting a broad range of services, and having a trustworthy and reliable business partner. In this way, you will have the chance to widen your audience by providing full brand protection and enhancement services.

In-House vs. Outsourced Intellectual Property Services: How to choose There is a lot that goes into intellectual property management. You may have just one portfolio to start with, or perhaps your business has been around for a while and you have many. Regardless,...
How Brandstock Helped BACARDI Successfully Register Its EU Trademark As leading professionals in intellectual property solutions, the task of protecting a 157 year old iconic brand, and its unique bottle, fall directly within the scope of Brandstock’s abilities. We...
Brandstock Wins WTR 1000 2019 Brandstock is proud to announce that this month they were listed on the WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2019. This established research directory is the go-to resource for...
5 Things Needed For A Compliant Transfer of Intellectual Property When transferring intellectual property, the first thing to consider is the type of transfer required for your business needs. The transfer of intellectual property can be either temporary under a...
Trademark lawyers vs marketers: why they should smooth things over When we compare the difference between the roles of trademark lawyers with those of marketers, there are significant differences between the knowledge and concerns between the two professions....


Stop being overcharged

With the global nature of the intellectual property (IP) market, many companies are using agent benchmarking to both monitor and minimise costs. Although you can find some answers online, it is still quite hard to answer a question that many companies are still left wondering, ‘What actually is agent benchmarking?’.

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Bringing perspective to complexity

Trademark searches are an integral part of trademark ownership, yet many companies fail to carry these out routinely or comprehensively. Although you may be aware of the importance of conducting a trademark search, you may not be fully conscious of the intricacies surrounding how these should be conducted or the key times at which they are required. A full understanding of the context surrounding trademark searches can only serve to improve the protection and exclusivity of your brand.

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Intellectual Property in the

Intellectual Property in theFashion Industry

Real trouble, isn't it?

In the ever-evolving industry of fashion, creative expression must be protected through intellectual property (IP) rights. The value of each industrial design asset and the brand that markets that asset are intellectual capital that strengthen a business position within the fashion industry.

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Intellectual Property in thePharma Industry

Start taking care of your IP

The pharmaceutical industry can be considered as one of the most complex industries for intellectual property management. Specifically, it is heavily regulated with regard to trademark applications. These strict regulations and processes are in place to prevent confusion or misunderstandings among medical professionals and consumers when using medicinal products, which may otherwise lead to fatal health problems.

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Intellectual Property in the

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