Trademark Searching

Bringing perspective to complexity.

Practical screening options | Transparent project costs | Full online control


Brandstock delivers in excess of 20,000 searches a year, offering unmatched project timescales without compromising quality. Our search services are designed to place you in control of risk and cost.


Practical screening options

We offer 3 levels of searching that can be readily customized to meet your specific requirements:

Pre-Screening: covering up to 186 countries we provide preliminary analysis of potentially conflicting marks revealed by searches of Questel Orbit software and other online databases.

Deep Screening: our innovative Deep Screening service brings together legal and commercial analysis to provide rapid business risk profiling that enables better decision-making and reduces costs. Learn more.

Full Availability: in high value/high risk markets we ensure that local counsel have fully addressed every aspect of potential conflict so that you receive a detailed and accurate report of their findings.


Transparent project costs

Transparency and choice are central to the Brandstock ethos. For any search project you can view and compare agent charges, including your own preferred agent network, so that you can make a fully informed choice as to which agents to instruct. On average, our clients achieve significant savings by choosing Brandstock.


Full online control

Brandstock Services was the first IP service provider to set up an interactive online platform for the efficient delivery of trademark search results. Our platform allows you to readily understand all risks in connection with trademarks searched and to drill down into candidate trademarks; conflicting trademarks; and country specific detail as required. Our platform has powerful reporting options so that data can be re-ranked, re-sorted and exported to a number of formats for internal review and reporting.


If you would like to discuss a search project or take a free look at our platform, please write to