Trademark Filing & Prosecution

Global competence.

Comprehensive service | Careful preparation | Transparency and choice


‘Brandstock has for many years provided a filing service unmatched in terms of cost management, efficiency and transparency. Expert, streamlined and professional, our trademark prosecution service has extensive experience of complex large scale projects.

We cover every jurisdiction in the world through our proven agent network who work to our rigorous standards and with our sophisticated communications and data protocols to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


Comprehensive service

Our service is designed to remove every possible burden from clients including the preparation, execution, notarization and legalization of documentation required to file new applications, including powers of attorney. We take responsibility for each and every stage of prosecution so as to best ensure success and speed to registration, including office actions, provisional refusals and oppositions as they arise.


Careful preparation

We apply our vast experience and skills to ensuring that the specification of goods and services for your new applications are correctly drafted so as to minimize the risk of objections. We can also audit your portfolio to identify opportunities to fill gaps in protection when filing new applications, maximizing the benefits obtained from new investment in trademark protection.


Transparency and choice

Transparency and choice are central to the Brandstock ethos. Our clients have access to our proprietary online platform that provides complete visibility across all pending applications and from which customized reports can be viewed and downloaded.

Before commencing any filing project, you can view and compare agent charges, including your own preferred agent network, so that you can make a fully informed choice as to which agents to instruct. On average, our clients achieve significant savings by choosing Brandstock.


If you would like to discuss how we can help with a new trademark filing project, however large or small, please write to