Trademark Searching

Picture this: Fast and Affordable Trademark Device Searches

Almost everyone in the world knows you can’t eat this Appleor hang curtains on these Windowsbut
immediately recognizes them and what they offer. Even images that are not as literal in representing their company names remind us we can put on our Nike, take a walk to the local Starbuck's and post photos of our iced lattes on Instagram. Such are the benefits of fame.

Of course, not every industry has the advantage of appearing on billions of computers, phones or feet or chilling (or steaming) beside every laptop pumping out an Oscar-winning screenplay or great novel, nor do they have ubiquitous advertising, product placements and exciting celebrity endorsements.


Well, this might be me. So, why do I need logos?

We thought you might ask that!

Brandstock’s new in-house device searches make it simple, fast and cost effective. Let’s face it. We’re all becoming more visual. From social media to advertising, images reign. It makes sense. Global connectivity can reach almost anyone, and images can be recognized and understood from Toronto to 東京, from Montevideo to Москва, without the concern for language barriers or local script.

Additionally, when paired with a company name, house brand or product/service line, the association becomes even stronger. Registering sufficiently original devices may also allow you to use them with words that identify a specific product or service in more generic terms without facing possible official trademark office objections based on a descriptive nature.


Won’t it be harder to find me online?

Good question!

Most devices are used with a brand name or become associated with one, and amazing advancements in image recognition can even search devices online with increasing accuracy. We know all about this.


It still seems like these trademark searches would take a lot of time and cost too much.

It used to!

That’s where image recognition comes in. Our new capabilities are able to handle device searches in record time at a substantially lower cost to you. Algorithms were designed specifically for trademark devices, searching databases throughout the world for similar images. But don’t worry. We still have an expert team of experienced trademark specialists to analyze the results for human perception for more accurate results already expedited through mysterious computer magic, all at affordable prices without waiting days or even weeks. When a local expert is needed, we still provide worldwide full availability device searches, too.


OK, then, what do I do if I need a device search?

It’s easy! Just write to or visit for all the information you need on our new device search service or range of other trademark searches.


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