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Comprehensive protection | Technical and Regional expertise | Dedicated strategic support


Brandstock provides a complete domain life cycle service so you can delegate all administrative responsibilities associated with the protection and development of your domain name portfolio.

As a Brandstock client you benefit from a uniquely powerful combination of an ICANN accredited registrar; the legal expertise of a major law firm; cutting-edge IT know-how; and the operational efficiencies of an international IP service provider.


Comprehensive protection

Brandstock works with you to ensure best value protection for your domain portfolio covering every aspect of ownership, including the development, exploitation and enforcement of associated rights. We are able to follow through disputes and infringements using online channels as well as pursuing remedies through civil, criminal and administrative procedures.


Technical and Regional expertise

Our powerful yet easy to use online platform gives you access to the information you need on demand. We have ISO 27001, ISO 21017 and SOC 1-3 certifications and are constantly refining our technical expertise in what is an extremely fast moving arena.

As a global IP services provider we also have the regional expertise needed to navigate the challenges presented by some markets, especially those of South East Asia.


Dedicated strategic support

We keep a close watch on, and where possible seek to influence, developments in the field so that your interests are advanced in the most cost effective way. After more than 20 years guarding the interests of major corporations, including more than 40,000 domains now under management, we are sensitive to the priorities of your legal, marketing and IT functions.

As a Brandstock client, your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop the right strategy to ensure best value for the investment made in your domain name portfolio.


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