Trademark & Design Renewals

Fully delegated service.

Transparency and choice | Cost control and savings | Comprehensive solution


Our renewals service for trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility to Brandstock with complete confidence that your renewals will be handled correctly and cost effectively with minimum demand on your time and department resources.


Transparency and choice

Fundamental to the Brandstock ethos, we provide full transparency with regard to every cost element involved in the renewals process.

Many of our clients are happy for us to work with our own network who are familiar with our working standards and technologies. Others value the relationships they have with their agents and would prefer not to let that go, even for renewals, and so we make it possible for you to work with your preferred agents in territories that you choose.


Cost control and savings

With transparency and choice come control over costs. With regard to foreign exchange charges, we treat agent and official fees as disbursements and so the costs passed on to you are what we paid when those disbursements were settled.

By choosing our service you benefit from the volume-based discounts we have negotiated with our agent network. Without exception our clients made an overall cost saving by moving their in-house renewals administration to Brandstock.


Comprehensive solution

We provide a single senior point of contact who takes an active role in managing your renewals and to whom you can delegate responsibility with confidence. We will fulfil all documentary requirements including executing powers of attorney and affidavits of use, as well as the legalization and notarization processes.

As a user of our renewals service you also have complete visibility over all renewals and related costs via our proprietary online platform.


If you would like to discuss moving your renewals to Brandstock, please write to