Agent Benchmarking

Putting you in control.

Achieving transparency | Optimizing costs | Driving performance


In our world of IP, outsourcing is a necessary part of operating in a global market where reliance must be placed on local agents for the protection and enforcement of domestic rights. Increasingly, IP owners are having to bring greater discipline to bear in the management of relationships and spend with their agent networks.

Brandstock has developed and defined this discipline over several years as a result of projects carried out on behalf of more than 150 major IP owners.


Achieving Transparency

The first stage in our proven process is to obtain detailed information with regard to charges applied by your local agents for specific categories of work.

Information is gathered in using our proprietary online platform, usually within no more than 3 weeks.


Optimizing costs

We provide you with a pricing matrix that places your agents’ charges in context with fees charged to your peers, by the same and comparable firms, so that you can make an informed choice as to what level of charges you consider acceptable. Once you have made your final selection of desired pricing levels we negotiate fee agreements that enshrine the terms on which you will be billed going forward.

In all the benchmarking projects we have undertaken we have never saved clients less than 30% of their external spend.


Driving Performance

Our benchmarking service brings clarity and discipline, placing you in greater control of your network and external spend.

As a follow on to our Agent Benchmarking service we can also negotiate Service Level Agreements and offer monitoring services that ensure compliance with what has been agreed.


If you have a project that you would like to discuss then please contact us.