IP Recordals

Getting the Record Straight.

Fully delegated service | Intelligent cost saving | Timely project completion


Brandstock has developed very particular expertise in the management of complex transactions and reorganisations that require amendment to official records in order to secure rights in the name of the correctly registered owner.

We have made it our business to offer the very best service by applying the skills of our brightest subject matter experts to the challenges that our clients have presented to us over many years.


Fully Delegated Service

We remove every possible burden from clients including the preparation, execution, notarization and legalization of documentation including powers of attorney.

Navigating the procedural intricacies involved in perfecting title to registered rights is our speciality. We solve problems as we encounter them and with minimum recourse to clients unless absolutely necessary.


Intelligent Cost Saving

We have developed an array of tactical measures that serve to reduce costs, including translation costs; official fees; and agent fees.

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, clients have access to our dedicated online platform through which they can monitor progress, access information and generate reports on demand.


Timely Project Completion

Almost all projects can suffer from the ‘long tail’ of individual cases that can sometimes take years to resolve. It is all too easy for these cases to be overlooked as new projects come forward demanding attention.

The measures we deploy for individual countries that save costs also save time. We are able to complete projects quickly by being efficient; we also constantly monitor projects to ensure that no cases are left unresolved.


If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us then please write to sales-info@www.brandstock.com.