Brandstock Complete

Why choosing Brandstock Complete: flexibility, experience and much more

If you’re a corporate IP counsel, and you’re considering partnering with an external IP services provider, you should consider Brandstock’s new service, “Brandstock Complete“.

Brandstock has developed this new offering to tackle some of the key problems faced by corporates when working with external counsel to manage their IP.

The Complete service provides a flexible, comprehensive service for your IP assets, taking the stress of managing your brands and related IP portfolios away and giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

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Brandstock Complete can provide a full-service solution for your IP, but that doesn’t mean it has to. You can decide which elements you want covered, ranging from trademark and design renewals, for example, to a service which includes those as well as searches, prosecution, auditing, recordals, enforcement, litigation and much more.

Whatever you choose, you can be certain of the same level of service, care and support. And further, you also have the ability to add services to work in progress, should you decide that you need more support as a project develops.

Finally, Brandstock provides complete flexibility on your external counsel network. If you have particular law firms or trademark attorneys you want to work with, it will work with them to integrate them into its systems, ensuring a seamless transition for you into the program. But if you’d like to tap into Brandstock’s own network, you can do that too, since the company has access to an international array of excellent, cost-effective providers. Or you can mix and match. It’s up to you.



One of the key drivers of outsourcing is to save money, and yet often companies can find themselves spending more than they expected on their IP services. With the “Complete” service, there is total transparency on the cost of the services.

More than that, because of the economies of scale that Brandstock can bring to bear on particular elements of the service (external counsels, for example), you are likely to save costs overall.

Indeed, parts of “Complete” are aimed specifically at cost rationalization and saving. Should you choose to add an agent benchmarking analysis to your service for example, Brandstock will assess the performance of your external counsel network from an effectiveness and cost perspective, and even renegotiate fee arrangements with them on your behalf to ensure cost-efficiency.

Another element that can sometimes be problematic when working with external providers is the mechanism by which you as a corporate are billed for the services. With Brandstock, there are no surprises. Activity is covered by a pre-agreed flat fee, which varies depending on the level of responsibility you wish to delegate, and invoiced typically on a monthly or quarterly basis, so you know ahead of time how much you will be charged and when.

Depending on how much you want to delegate, Brandstock becomes less an external service provider, and more an effective part of your IP function, working with you and as part of your team to ensure beneficial outcomes. It’s a fully delegated solution.



Since it was launched in 1993, Brandstock has served countless clients across all industries and jurisdictions. Because of this, it has unrivaled institutional experience of the most common problems that arise in IP portfolio management, and how those might vary from industry to industry.

That experience also means that Brandstock’s processes are finely tuned to provide maximum service with minimum hassle and at the best-possible cost. Effectively, when you partner with Brandstock, you get the expertise of a law firm (it has a large team of experienced attorneys) alongside the technological know-how and infrastructure of a service provider, as well as an international network, all in one partner.



All of these elements combine to make a powerful offering for any corporate IP portfolio, but they are nothing unless the relationship works. Brandstock will work closely with you to identify the precise needs of your IP department, and work out a bespoke solution targeted to the needs of your business.

You’ll have a primary point of contact who will manage the relationship throughout the process, ensuring that you know who you’re dealing with and who to contact should any issues arise. “Brandstock Complete” aims to make your job easier, and to make your IP portfolio more effective. Get in touch to find out more!

Why choosing Brandstock Complete: flexibility, experience and much more