Brandstock Complete

Brandstock Complete: infinite ways to boost your IP management

When selecting an IP management service provider, an IP counsel needs to consider many aspects of how the service will work. Is it flexible for their requirements? Will it help them to save money? Will they receive specialist advice on IP strategy? In many cases, an IP counsel is looking for a service that not only manages their IP assets, but also boosts the effectiveness of their IP portfolio.

Since launching in 1993, Brandstock has consulted with numerous clients in many industries across the world. With this wealth of experience, our team developed a service for our clients called Brandstock Complete. This service provides a comprehensive, yet flexible solution for managing an IP portfolio, which ensures that all IP assets are playing an integral role in the success of a business. Additionally, we consult directly with the relevant stakeholders in the business to design a cost-effective solution for its needs.

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Firstly, our team works to define what type of services would suit the client’s business. Whether they outsource IP management, uses an in-house solution, or a mix of both, Brandstock Complete provides a fully-integrated service, so our legal team works as a seamless entity of their business.

Then, our IP experts consult directly with the client’s team to devise a solution that considers all aspects of the IP lifecycle. Together, we establish an IP strategy for the business and define the specific service requirements for their IP portfolio. This can include trademark searching, auditing, renewals, recordals, litigation, enforcement, prosecution, and any other legal services needed to manage their IP assets.

Additionally, if a client is already using external IP management or legal services, we consult with the client and their external providers to establish a framework that is flexible and cost-effective for the business. We also provide recommendations for other industry-leading service providers within our international network, when our client could benefit from working with them.

The key advantage of using Brandstock Complete is that it was developed to generate cost savings for our clients. For this reason, consulting with our client’s in-house team and external service providers is an essential part of the process. In this way, we can understand the breakdown of their services and requirements, so we can determine the potential cost savings. Our team can provide an agent benchmarking analysis, which analyzes the fees of external agents and compares them to current market fees; if there are inconsistencies or surcharges, we renegotiate fees with agents on our client’s behalf and save them money.

After we have consulted with all the relevant stakeholders, we work with our client to develop an on-boarding action plan, ensuring a seamless integration with their system. Our goal is to provide this service as though we were part of their in-house legal team. As such, this can improve the effectiveness of their IP management, since they no longer need to worry about the challenges of recruiting, training or retaining in-house IP specialists. In some cases, our staff works in-house with our clients. By integrating with their team, we can provide a specialist, fully-comprehensive service, while our clients have complete flexibility to scale their IP team. They also have the benefit of working with a legal team, which advises on IP strategy development based on experience with a varied client base.

One of the main reasons our clients choose the Brandstock Complete service is because it provides a comprehensive solution for IP management. From inception to disposal, we consider all IP asset requirements throughout the life-cycle. This can boost the success of an IP portfolio, since it ensures that each IP asset is working to its full potential as part of the portfolio. Furthermore, it also means that IP assets, which are no longer productive in the portfolio, can be assessed and disposed, resulting in savings for our client’s business and an overall healthier IP portfolio.

If you would like to find out more about our Brandstock Complete service or consult with one of our team members on your requirements, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.


Brandstock Complete: infinite ways to boost your IP management