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Brandstock Complete: our service for your IP outsourcing

As a leading IP outsourcing vendor, Brandstock has worked with small, medium and enterprises businesses across numerous industries to understand what it takes to deliver a complete IP solution. They provide access to an expert legal team with multi-industry experience and a broad network of contacts. Brandstock also works with clients to help them optimize costs and achieve full transparency on fees while providing an end-to-end IP sourcing service to companies outsourcing one or more stages of their IP lifecycle.

Here are a few reasons why businesses choose to outsource their IP requirements using the Brandstock Complete service.

1. Outsourced, in-house legal team

Our team of skilled legal professionals works closely with our clients to provide a customized service. In this way, our legal experts are able to align with your internal team to advise on business initiatives that involve IP. This can provide the expert legal knowledge needed during critical decision-making meetings.

In many cases, our IP outsourcing staff work on site in our clients offices, providing the experience of an in-house legal team, which can be scaled up or down as needed. This flexibility is important to many of our clients who need to manage their internal office services efficiently, but may have urgent legal support requirements which need to be handled by legal experts that know their business.

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2. Cost control and transparency

When it comes to legal fees, predictability is the most important aspect of Brandstock Complete for our clients. In some cases, we work with small and medium businesses that cannot afford unexpected costs, but also require a plan that secures their intellectual property. Our team works closely with clients to determine the most cost-effective solution for their requirements by eliminating costs where possible and researching potential ways to reduce costs through better efficiency.

3. Comprehensive, customized solution

Brandstock offers a full-service, customisable IP outsourcing solution to all of our clients. This includes access to a highly-skilled legal team, their network of local and industry contacts, and advanced proprietary IP management technologies. Normally, these resources would be prohibitively expensive for many businesses to leverage. However, the Brandstock team works with clients to develop a solution that ensures their intellectual property is adequately protected within their available budget. Clients select the services that provide the support required to align their IP portfolio with their corporate strategy. These services can also be modified, if their necessities change.

4. 360-view on the IP lifecycle

The IP lifecycle is long and complex. Brandstock Complete provides the legal support a business may need from inception to disposal or expiry. From searching to filing to renewalsBrandstock covers end-to-end trademark lifecycle requirements. Additionally, it covers the complex legal requirements for IP recordals and provides online protection for business domains.

The Brandstock team assesses your IP portfolio as a whole and the sum of parts to provide legal and business advice based on their experience working with clients in similar industries. With a broad multi-national client base, our legal team has the expertise to support strategy development to ensure that your IP portfolio is efficiently managed and future-proofed for your business goals.

5. Access to a global network of local contacts

One of the great benefits of IP outsourcing to Brandstock is that you will have access to our network of 250 firms of international lawyers, who are globally networked with local agents. This allows us to provide you with the right point-of-contact in the right place for the right price. We can also work with preferred agents of a business, when needed.

As part of the Brandstock Complete service, our team works with their network to ensure the protection and enforcement of your IP rights domestically. This also helps businesses to optimize costs through agent benchmarking, whereby our team will provide an overview of the average agent costs for businesses in your industry, so you can negotiate fee agreements that work for your business and your budget.

Managing an IP portfolio requires expertise and industry knowledge with consistent support and attention to detail. Working with an industry leading IP outsourcing partner, such as Brandstock, can give your business the support it needs to navigate the complex field of intellectual property management. Contact our team today to learn more about Brandstock Complete customized IP management services.


Brandstock Complete: our service for your IP outsourcing