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Meet us at the Pharma & Biotech IP Summit!

Brandstock is a leading provider of search services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with more than 20 years’ experience guiding businesses through these complex areas.

On November 3rd, Brandstock will be attending the Pharma & Biotech IP Summit in Munich. Produced by Intellectual Asset Management magazine, we feel this conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with businesses looking to make sure they have the best possible trademark and naming strategies.

We help pharmaceutical and biotech businesses in multiple ways. On search, we have our Pre-Screening, Deep-Screening and Full Availability searches, designed to match our clients’ needs and budget to ensure the best possible result for your investment.

Pre-Screening is designed to rule out names which are obviously not available – it provides a clear ‘no’ to a name, though it cannot provide a definitive yes. That’s where Deep-Screening comes in. This service is fast, but with a depth of analysis that gives companies a sense of the level of business risk in a given name – so it identifies potential conflicts, but more than that, evaluates how risky those conflicts are to the business.

This is an excellent service to help companies identify risk effectively and at a low cost, though for those who want a comprehensive service, Brandstock also offers a robust ‘Full Availability’ search to give you total piece of mind about your name.

We also have extensive experience in ‘Name Creation’ projects for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, meaning you can leave your naming initiatives in our hands, safe in the knowledge that the results will have been checked, screened and made market-ready for your business.

We will be participating in the Munich event on November 3rd and can meet corporates to discuss their challenges and goals. We can suggest the right strategy, helping you manage your trademark and naming risks in a cost-effective, safe and efficient way. We look forward to getting to know you.


Please get in touch with Brandstock’s Brian Gissane to set up a meeting so we can understand how best to help your business.