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Brandstock at the Oil & Gas IP Summit 2016

Brandstock at the Oil & Gas IP Summit 2016

Brandstock gave a presentation on IP Valuation & Monetization at this year’s Oil & Gas IP Summit in London and was one of the official sponsors of the event.

The Oil & Gas IP Summit, organized by IQPC, took place in the London Marriott Hotel in Kensington on 27 and 28 January 2016 and is the only event of its kind addressing the specific IP interests of the Oil & Gas industry.

The summit provides a platform for key decision makers and senior government officials to discuss IP developments affecting the sector, as well as to network and share their experiences outside the formal sessions.

This year’s summit focused on partnering with IOCs in order to share knowledge without infringing the rights of others. Participants examined the full IP management cycle, looking at different ways to facilitate effective global collaboration and analyzing the use and ownership of co-created technology.

In the presentation on IP Valuation & Monetization, which was very well attended, Tankred Z. Vogt (Director Valuation and IP Brokerage) explored how IP can be valued and the application of relevant international standards; presented a summary of the results of a Brandstock survey of M&A specialists, Tax Experts and Accountants regarding valuation practices; and demonstrated the free Brandstock online IP valuation tool.

Tiffany Valeriano (Chief Commercial Officer) reported on experience gained from over 150 benchmarking projects and the importance of understanding future costs of ownership when carrying out an IP valuation.

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