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IP Events Calendar 2017: are you coming?

Date Event Place
26 Jan TMA Mini seminar (INTA) Munich
2-3 Mar Marques Spring Team Meeting Geneva
15 Mar Buying Legal Conference New York
22-23 Mar INTA’s Brands and Fashion conference New York
2-4 Apr ACC ((Association of Corporate Counsel) Mid year meeting New York
9 May Buying Legal Conference London
20-24 May INTA Annual Meeting Barcelona
28 Jun ECTA Budapest
6 Sep Buying Legal Conference New York
17-19 Sep INTA TMAP New Orleans
4-7 Oct PTMG Annual Meeting Toronto
7-10 Nov INTA Leadership Meeting Washington
16 Nov Food & Beverage Law and IP summit London
Nov Markeforum Munich
1-2 Dec IP Summit Bruxelles