Forum seminar: professional trademark search

Performing a professional trademark search helps you protect your trademarks. To do this correctly, you need to know how to perform a text or image search within brand data from multiple national and international sources. This course will provide guidance on the basics of professional trademark searches. The instructors will describe the requirements, with practical examples, point out persistent issues and develop appropriate solutions.




On the first day, the instructors will provide you with information on the dangers of confusing trademarks. On the second day, you will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge directly from our professional Ventsislav Pantov and carry out a real trademark search. The course aims to give an in-depth understanding of the trademark search. The experts will show you how to avoid pitfalls and to evaluate similarities of marks.

Finally, you will carry out an independent and cost-effective trademark search, and evaluate your results. Attendees will have the opportunity to raise questions on all aspects of the procedures.

Join the course and learn the best practices!