Brand Protection

Don’t Miss Our WIPR Webinar

If you’re part of a corporate legal team, this WIPR Webinar will be a great opportunity to learn about some best practices you may not have known before, which will ultimately benefit your company. In our WIPR Webinar, we’ll go over several crucial elements, such as:

  • Approaches to IP portfolio management
  • Opinions and advice from industry leaders, such as experts from WIPR, Diadora, and Brandstock
  • Potential solutions to help you manage your portfolio effectively

Key WIPR Webinar Details You’ll Need

Have a notebook handy, as we invite you to tune in to hear from Peter Scott (WIPR), Federico Rizzo (Diadora), and Alessia Parassina (Brandstock). Dedicate a mere 75 minutes of your time to the long-term protection and growth of your business (or your client’s business)!

This special WIPR Webinar will be going live, online, on May 7th 10:00 AM EST. It will also be available on-demand after that point. Come ready with your most burning questions about intellectual property in the back of your head because we will be hitting on some of the big ones!

Why Our WIPR Webinar is Right for You

The importance of IP rights to the health of businesses has been dramatically increasing over the years – and unfortunately, there are always threats that come along with things of value. Costs to maintain them have also been on the rise, as well as the sheer complexity of making good decisions about how to direct and manage them.

This WIPR webinar will help you understand what strategies you can start adopting TODAY to ultimately ensure that portfolio management is a cost-effective asset in your organization – rather than just another headache.

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