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IP Recordals project: get to know all the documents required from A to Z

Undertaking a project to alter the records of registered intellectual property (IP) can be a complex and time-consuming process. Although seeking the assistance of an IP expert is the most reliable way to ensure that this process has been done with the utmost accuracy, this article will outline the main documents required when undertaking a recordals project.

The precise nature of the documentation required varies according to the territories in which the amendments are taking place. However, the general type of necessary documents shall be explored in this article.

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Intellectual Properties project – Application to record the change

Arguably the most important documents in an IP recordals project are the applications to record a change or assignment on the relevant register. These forms can be accessed through national IP offices, and can generally be filed as a hard copy or online.

These recordal forms require details of the IP as well as of the assignment which has led to the recordal project. When completing these forms, owners must provide details of the IP itself, including, for example, any relevant reference numbers and descriptions.

Additionally, owners will be required to provide their name and contact details, along with those of the party or parties to whom the property is being assigned. These forms will also require the date from which the assignment is to be deemed effective.


Filing these forms is usually accompanied by a fee which, although usually nominal, has to be paid for each separate IP change.

In some territories, including the UK, a fee document must be submitted along with the submission of any document which costs money. IP owners must, therefore, be aware of any fees required in the filing of their application, along with any further forms which must accompany these fees.


Intellectual Properties project  – Evidentiary documents

Other evidentiary documents may also be required for the project depending on the circumstances. For example, the assignment agreements may be required if the recordal project deems it necessary.

These additional documents serve to support any other official documentation which is required by the offices in territories in which the IP is registered, as well as enabling the main application forms to be completed accurately.


Document Legalization

Although not necessarily a document in its own right, document legalization must also be mentioned as a facet of the expansive documentation required for an IP recordals project.

Document legalization is effectively a stamp of approval from a State, verifying the official status of a document. It is incredibly important to secure document legalization during a project where the IP is registered in multiple territories, as doing so verifies the legality of the documents involved.

Given these varied requirements for documentation, it is advisable that clients wishing to undergo an IP recordals project hire external agents with expertise in managing recordals in multiple territories. With Brandstock, your project could be handled swiftly, thanks to a team with the expertise in reducing both the time and costs of preparing and filing necessary documentation.


Power of attorney

If looking to hire external IP experts to handle the IP recordals project then a power of attorney document will also be needed. Power of attorney enables the external agents to make decisions on behalf of the client.

This often proves invaluable during such a project, as many small and complex decisions will need to be made promptly. The length of the process will be exacerbated without power of attorney as external agents would need to receive the input of the owner at every turn before being able to make a decision.

It is therefore advised that external counsel is hired to handle the high volume of documentation required for such a project, and that power of attorney is signed over to them so as to expedite the process.

With Brandstock, this power of attorney is used to its utmost to secure the best outcome for clients while removing all burdens from them. Providing Brandstock with power of attorney will mean that your IP recordals project is handled expediently, and ensures that you will not be required to do anything further unless absolutely necessary.