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Brandstock and WIPR webinar “The jungle of IP ownership: How to manage your IP Recordals”

Brandstock is happy to present its webinar “The jungle of IP ownership: How to manage your IP Recordals”, in collaboration with WIPR, which will be held on June 27, 2017.

Peter Scott, publisher of WIPR, will moderate the webinar. It will last one hour, with the participation of:

  • Anna Popova, Director IP Recordals at Brandstock
    She will provide a brief introduction on the Recordals topic. She will briefly explain how Brandstock can support the industry and their specific needs.
  • Ingo Dauer, Group Legal Director at L’Occitane en Provence
    He will talk about his corporate challenges, how he thought the world of recordals changed/had to change and why he worked with Brandstock in specific operations. He will explain how he currently manages transfer/acquisition and how he balances costs and risks.
  • Sandra Hammelmann, Paralegal Supervisor at Abbott Products Operations AG
    She will talk about her corporate experience and the way she manages recordals, what her challenges are and in which way she replies to company needs.

Finally, Peter Scott will moderate Q&A session.

Moreover, we’ll upload the presentation to the platform and make it available for download.


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