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Brandstock’s Intellectual Property Services: why our renewals department is efficient

If you’re looking to outsource your trademark renewals work, you’ll need a provider you can trust to deliver the best possible service at a sensible cost. When outsourcing any intellectual property services, the key element to look for is the balance between intervention on the part of your own business and trusting the provider to take on the responsibility themselves.

Brandstock’s renewals department provides a uniquely efficient solution for your intellectual property services, giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

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Single point of contact

One of the major challenges when working with external providers is managing the relationship between the client and the provider. In some cases, there are multiple people involved at every stage of the process, meaning that in effect, the client is having to manage many things that should have been outsourced.

With Brandstock, it’s much simpler. You sign a single Power of Attorney agreement, and that’s it. Once you’ve given the instruction, Brandstock takes care of everything, with a single point of contact between the company and the client throughout the process, reducing your administrative burden at the same time as making your renewals more efficient.


Paperless and frictionless trademark renewal service

Brandstock uses a web platform to manage the renewals interface. The client has access to this 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, so you can check the progress of your renewals whenever you want.

And unlike some other intellectual property services providers, all documents can be uploaded by agents electronically, straight to the platform. In fact, with Brandstock, there’s no paper at all!


A refined network

Most businesses have preferred suppliers when it comes to their law firm network. Managing renewals through that network is easy because you know who you’re dealing with, but there are potential weaknesses in the process due to the fact that you’re not constantly reviewing your agent performance.

Brandstock is always refining its agent network, meaning that you know your renewals are being conducted at the best price and by the best suppliers. Indeed, Brandstock works with more than 250 different agents across jurisdictions, and through volume agreements can make sure that you’re saving money on your renewals.

When those agents upload documents into the system, Brandstock verifies their accuracy in every case, meaning that there can be no nasty surprises further down the line due to faulty documentation.


Working on your behalf

Some intellectual property services providers see their role as being limited to undertaking the specific task they’ve contracted for. While that is certainly the most important element of any relationship with an external provider, Brandstock aims to go further.

For example, the UK Intellectual Property Office used to require renewals to be notified on paper (by fax or post), and in part due to lobbying efforts from Brandstock, and others no doubt, will now take them online, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for the client.

On a similar note, Brandstock works hard to reduce the hours spent on a given renewal, seeking efficiency to save you time and money in the process on an ongoing basis.

It’s important that any new relationship with an external provider starts on the right basis, but also that both parties have a clear understanding of exactly what the expectations are. When you’re looking for a provider, the twin pillars of efficiency and transparency are vital.

With Brandstock, not only can you be certain that the processes are efficient, but you can also be sure that both you and Brandstock are working towards the same goal: effective intellectual property services provision. If you want to make your renewals process better, and to save money and internal resources at the same time, it makes sense to do so with a provider that goes the extra mile to ensure they are efficient as possible.



Brandstock’s Intellectual Property Services: why our renewals department is efficient