Online Enforcement

Digital to physical solutions.

Detection and Review | ‘Take down’ actions | Trace and enforce


Brandstock deals with every aspect of IP online, supporting clients with everything from enforcement program design and implementation to individual issues demanding a determined and cost-effective response. Our resources allow us to detect online threats and follow them through to enforcement against perpetrators and infringing product.

Our online capabilities can also serve as a means of monitoring supply chains; distribution networks; pricing and policy compliance.


Detection and review

Using sophisticated automated and manual search techniques customised to client needs, we monitor all important online B2B, B2C and C2C marketplaces; leading social media and business networking sites; domain name registries; AdWords and SEO abuse; App stores; and even the ‘dark’ web where counterfeit goods are openly traded.

All monitoring results are reported on via our online platform sorted by reference to risk and relevance criteria agreed with you, with additional risk analysis if wanted; follow up actions can also be instructed via the platform.


‘Take down’ actions

We make use of all automated take down processes provided by auction and e-commerce sites; search engines; ISPs; and payment gateways; we also draft and deliver cease and desist letters where these have some meaningful impact. With regard to domains, we prepare and submit UDRP notices and follow up contested disputes.


Trace and enforce

Where online activity is connected to counterfeits and other infringing physical goods, we track and trace those involved using test purchases and working with investigators to establish the evidence needed for criminal, administrative or civil enforcement as appropriate. Our international network allows us to pursue targeted and closely coordinated enforcement in multiple jurisdictions, providing you with the power to act against infringers anywhere in world.


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