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IP Asset Valuation Independent Expert Services.

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Brandstock provides independent expert monetary valuation of IP and other intangible assets for a variety of purposes. We also offer a range of related consulting services which you can read about on our Asset Value Consulting page.



Common requirements include valuations of acquired IP assets for balance sheet purposes; purchase price allocation (IFRS 3 and SFAS 141); and impairment testing (IAS 36 and SFAS 142). We can assist your Accounts function directly, or work with your chosen Accountancy firm.



We provide valuations of IP assets used as loan security as well as for the purposes of finance structures such as sale and lease back arrangements. We have experience of delivering valuations for company prospectus use in new share issues and stock market listings. We are also able to assist with valuations to substantiate ‘hidden reserves’ in Annual Reports that impact credit ratings with major financial institutions.



Valuation of IP can be a critical factor in dispute resolution and we have extensive experience of providing independent expert evidence for use in Court proceedings; Arbitration; and Mediation/ADR.



Licensing, sale and acquisition of IP inevitably involve questions of value and price and so expert valuation can play a pivotal role in negotiations. We are able to assist with fully researched and reasoned bases for attributing royalty rates or sale/purchase consideration.


There are a many and varied ways in which our valuation service can provide you with the support you need, whether it be to maximize opportunity or to minimize exposure to adverse risk. IP is gaining greater recognition as an asset class and we are in the vanguard of what is still a specialist field.


If you think we can be of help please write to valuation@brandstock.com.