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Our Asset Value Consulting services are dedicated to providing you with commercial advantage and leverage. Whether your priority is business optimization, growth, disposal, acquisition or turnaround we can provide you with the information and expert support needed to extract measurable value from your IP asset portfolio.

We also offer an independent monetary valuation service which you can read about here.



We work with businesses that want to know whether their intangible assets are delivering value, and if not what can be done to make sure that they do. Measuring return on investment from a monetary and qualitative perspective requires market research and competitor analysis. We work with you to develop a matrix of indices and parameters from which to evaluate and invigorate the true drivers of value in your business.



Knowing how best to negotiate and who with is key to successful commercial exploitation of IP assets through licensing. We can help you identify suitable licensees and support the license negotiation as well as ongoing performance monitoring and royalty audit. If you just need our help with negotiating royalty rates, then we can advise as well as mediate where required.


Sale & Purchase

Achieving best value from the disposal of individual IP assets, or an entire business that has an IP portfolio forming an important part of the sale value, requires a strong negotiating position. On the other side of the negotiating table, as purchaser, we can also ensure you pay only what the asset or business is truly worth.

If you are selling we can also help identify potential purchasers for your assets or business and approach them on your behalf, handling as much or as little of the negotiations as you choose.


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