Offline Enforcement

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Enforcement program management | Data and cost transparency | Intelligence based strategy


Brandstock has decades of experience in the design and management of targeted enforcement actions around the world, representing the interests of IP owners concerned to deter infringement in order to protect revenues and reputation.


Enforcement program management

Working with our own tested network of skilled local counsel, or with yours, we take on the day to day burden of ensuring that proportionate and cost-effective enforcement action is taken in the markets you deem important.

We have decades of experience of enforcement involving police, customs and other administrative bodies; civil remedies; credit card and other payment providers; and negotiating with infringers.


Data and cost transparency

Transparency is central to the Brandstock ethos. We keep track of activities and related spend so that you have up to date information on which to base budget decisions. We are also sensitive to the requirements of anti-corruption legislation and always ensure that clients are not exposed to risk in this area.


Intelligence based strategy

Key to deterring infringers is interference with their business and revenues; knowing which enforcement route, or combination of remedies, is likely to have the greatest impact for the least cost relies on knowing the enemy and the market in which they operate.

We know the value of good intelligence and, in addition to our own research carried out online, we work with investigators when needed to obtain the best information we can before recommending action.


If you have specific enforcement issues you would like to discuss, or would simply like to know more about our enforcement and program management capabilities, please write to