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Creating cool brand names with Brandstock’s Market Ready service

Coming up with a new brand name can be a long and difficult process, but with Brandstock’s Market Ready service you can be assured of cool brand names without headaches.

This unique service provides a complete solution for name creation, from inception to delivery, while removing the need for separate name creation work and legal services related to a name.

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Process: smart name creation and trademark search

Any smart name creation project starts with ideas. Brandstock will work with your team to come up with potential names through a name creation workshop. You’ll benefit from the team’s considerable experience working with other clients in your industry, and the combination of expertise in the team ensures you have cross-fertilisation between legal and creative standpoints in the process.

Once you have a shortlist, Brandstock will lead on clearance, and manage initial internal knock-out searches to remove any obviously unavailable names.

This should leave you with a selection of cool brand names with potential for use. Then it’s over to you to select the names that you think are best – it’s a good idea to have a few choices for each name in case external searches raise issues.

Next, you need to get those names ready to launch. There are several options for this process, depending on how risky you feel the name is. The most-comprehensive is the full availability search. Using market-leading software and databases, these processes identify any potential problems with the names in up to 186 countries and provide commercial analysis of the risks attached to each. With full availability search, it will also instruct local counsel to provide reports on every aspect of any potential conflict. This ensures that your cool brand names are also safe brand names.

One element that’s easy to overlook when creating cool brand names is how the brand will be received in other languages. If you’re planning on launching a new brand worldwide, there’s huge potential for missteps as words that sound fine in English may have unwanted, additional meanings in other languages. As part of its Market Ready Service, Brandstock will also take care of the linguistic analysis for your brand names, ensuring that you don’t have any nasty surprises.


Monitoring the trademark registration process

Because creating a cool new brand name involves many disparate elements coming together, it can be a challenge to keep on top of the process. The Market Ready service gives you access to an online portal through which you can see the progress of all the different parts of the process in real time.

This platform provides an audit trail of all actions taken and analysis of the results in the same place, meaning you can be certain that your investment is producing results for your business.

You also have a single point of contact in Brandstock itself – your dedicated project manager will appraise you of any major developments throughout the process, and you’ll have someone who you can contact for answers on anything pertaining to the work.


Market Ready

In order to register your cool brand name, a minimum of three things need to have occurred.

  • Name creation – you need to know the name you want
  • Legal analysis – the name needs to have been checked against existing trademarks through comprehensive search
  • Commercial analysis – you need to understand not just the commercial risks of a particular name, but also the commercial benefits of it

The key to a really successful brand name is to have these three things integrated rather than separate, not just because such an approach is likely to save time, but because the different elements of it will all help the other parts be conducted more effectively. With the Market Ready service, that’s exactly what happens: a joined-up process whereby name creation, legal analysis and commercial impact assessment are conducted in concert with each other.

Once you’re happy you have these three elements covered, all that’s left is to register the names in your target jurisdictions and launch your brand!

Creating cool brand names with Brandstock’s Market Ready service