“With the Agent Benchmarking Service from Brandstock, we achieved cost savings, but didn’t experience a decrease in the level of service or quality of work.”

“From a standing start in 2008, Red Bull Media House quickly grew into a highly respected media company that now produces TV shows, movies, music, games and books.  By 2012 it became apparent that this growth and productivity was in turn creating consistent and increasing demand for both trademark and title clearance, and so the decision was made to work with a partner to ensure that the Red Bull Media House legal team received the service their business needed.

Given that we already had a trusted relationship with Brandstock we approached them to help us with searches.  Brandstock has a large dedicated searches team under the leadership of Thomas Golda.  I regularly deal with a team of 6 and am pleased to say that there have been few staff changes over the years.  This makes a tremendous difference as knowledge is shared and developed consistently and effectively without interruption.

I think of searches as a numbers game: the more you do the better you are.  Risk evaluation, judging what is and is not a risk and how to rank risk in a way that reflects the client’s perspective only comes with practice.  The Brandstock team was quick to learn how we look at risk and is open to our feedback so as to continuously improve the quality of what is delivered.

Reporting is key when it comes to searches and we are happy with the standard Brandstock format used on: Brandstock online searches platform.

Responsiveness has never been an issue as the Brandstock ‘standard’ service reports within 5 working days which is generally quick enough for our needs.  Whenever we have needed a faster turnaround Brandstock have never failed to deliver.  Having a large team also means that turnaround is not affected by volume which gives us real flexibility and peace of mind.

I think Brandstock Searches team sets a high bar.  They have strength in numbers; in acquired expertise; and are supported by excellent proprietary IT that makes communication as easy as it should be.”