Data Verification

So why to do verification and what it is about? Well, the name speaks for itself: data verification means that you verify your data, the data of your IP portfolio, your trademarks, your designs, eventually your copyrights.


Are they still alive? Are they valid? In which classes? Is the owner correct or not? Well, actually, you might think “My portfolio is absolutely perfect”, but I know the majority of you would know that passing portfolio, especially the old ones, from one hand to another, from one law firm to another, or simply intercompany from one person to the other, well, you know that different people touching those data might enter them differently. And eventually, this brings to some mistakes in occurrences, data discrepancy.

A data verification aims exactly to resolve all those mistakes or inaccuracies. And believe me or not, after a data verification, you usually cut your IP portfolio or you realize that your IP portfolio is reduced minimum to the 20% of what you thought. You think you have five thousand marks? Believe me, you might end up with having four thousand and four hundred. This brings not just a cut in your extension of the portfolio, but also in the costs. And this brings, of course, a lot of value if you are planning or if you are up to planning the budget for the next year.