PatentAnnuity Payments

Trusted transparency.

Building on experience | Data management | Clarity over costs


Our patent annuity payments service meets every standard that you would expect from a world class organisation with global reach and proven reliability. We have brought to patent renewals the same transparency, choice and control over costs that are central to our service ethos.


Building on experience

Brandstock brings to patent renewals the same diligence and exactitude applied to its other services critical to the maintenance and good management of IP portfolios. Our decades of expertise in managing global portfolios for some of the world’s largest IP owners who demand the very highest standards which we consistently meet and strive to exceed.


Data management

Our online platform allows you to track and control the progress of every annuity payment. You generate reports as and when you need them as well as download official receipts on demand. We are also familiar with most docketing systems and so can help you keep your data records up to date in the most efficient manner, including by automated data transfer.

We offer complete flexibility so as to meet your preferred way of working. Our clients receive a personal service tailored to their needs and expectations.


Clarity over costs

Our online platform provides instant quotes for the costs of handling annuity payments so you can quickly compare with costs you are paying now. All costs are broken down to show the Official Fees paid as well as agent fees where we are not able to pay annuities direct. Agent fees are charged at their cost to us, including the true foreign exchange cost.

We do not apply hidden markups or other charges that you have not contracted to pay.

We make no charge for taking on your portfolio, a process that we make painless and risk free.


If you would like to discuss our patent annuity payment services please contact us.