Experience acquired over time.

Since the first member company was established in Germany in 1994, the Brandstock Group has grown to over 140 employees in six countries. From its strong European base, the Group has also expanded into the US and is planning a presence in Asia.

The Group has established itself as a market leader in large-scale IP projects including global trademark search and clearance; complex multi-territory filing programs; recordal programs; and renewals. Other areas of expertise include full-service IP portfolio management; litigation and other IP enforcement including anti-counterfeiting programs; domain name registration and management; valuation and asset value consultancy; and benchmarking.

For more than twenty years Brandstock has revolutionized pricing in the IP sector, introducing and developing unprecedented levels of transparency and control over costs. Much of this has been driven by investment in technology and in particular web based platforms that we, agent firms and our clients can use on a daily basis to inform and interact. Brandstock has led the way in the IP sector, and will continue to do so, by constantly improving its IP capabilities to drive performance and cost efficiencies for our clients.

Brandstock has been adding value to our clients’ IP portfolios for more than two decades, delivering real cost savings.

Our clients support our approach to service and standards, and we are proud to be their trusted partners in IP matters.