Simply Clever Solutions.

From our beginnings in 1993, Brandstock has grown into one of the leading providers of Intellectual Property services. Headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices in Italy, US, France, Slovenia and Switzerland, Brandstock employs over 150 professionals from 43 different countries in a range of disciplines, and our services encompass trademark and patents, monitoring and enforcement, and IP consultancy.

We maintain a network of 250 firms of international lawyers and other Intellectual Property professionals that provide specialized advice in individual jurisdictions. This enables us to choose the right professional for the specific client need, and to obtain the best services at a competitive price. Where clients have preferred agents that are not part of the Brandstock network, we’re happy to work with those providers and obtain the best price for their services.

We strive to provide fast, professional and cost-effective solutions for our clients, which include major multi-nationals as well as small to medium-sized enterprises. Brandstock has revolutionized pricing, cost transparency and large-scale project management. Our expertise also includes full-service IP portfolio management; litigation and other IP enforcement including anti-counterfeiting programs; domain name registration and management; valuation and asset value consultancy; and benchmarking.

Brandstock has invested heavily in custom IT solutions, particularly web-based interactive IT, that enable and differentiate the way we serve our clients. All our proprietary technologies are completely secure and comply with BSI IT-Protection, a standard issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security, based on ISO 27001.

We are proud that our clients consider us a trusted partner in Intellectual Property matters, and value our innovative solutions; accountability; price transparency; and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of IP.